Kind of a sad day, don't you think?


I was never an Apple fanboy, or a Mac guy. Yet the news about the death of Steve Jobs have made me sad.

Sad for the lost a fascinating person who shaped technology, and sad in a very egoistic way for not having the option to enjoy more of his brilliant shows and the amazing products Apple has made recently. Yes. Very egoistic, I know, but think about what else we could have seen in, say, 3, 4, 6, 8 years, coming from Apple and Steve…

I assume many of you believed he may come back, healthy, back in business, in yet another heroic comeback. I did… Too bad it didn't happen.

Yesterday after the disappointing iPhone 4S announcement, many people used the term: "and end of an era" for Apple. Today it really happened…


Alexander said…
May God rest his soul in peace! He was a great man and a real talent!
Hey Alexander,

I'm just like you, I have never owned an apple product but I was still very impressed with all the products he created.

I really think it's crazy how he passed the day after iPhone 5 came out. RIP Steve Jobs, the modern day Thomas Edison.
I was never an Apple or Mac Lady, too, but yes, I too was very saddened with the news that Steve Jobs had already passed away. I even can't help but cry when I saw photos of people putting flowers at the doors of Apple stores and lighting candles through their iPads and iPhones.
Steve Jobs will always be remembered. Everybody mourned over his passing and the world is now one less of a genius.