Will you upgrade your iPhone for Siri? You may after you see this one…


Many people are asking me whether they should upgrade to iPhone 4S or wait to the possibly coming iPhone 5.

Well, to begin with, I would be surprised if iPhone 5 is indeed around the corner. Following Apple's release policy it makes more sense that iPhone 5 will only be introduced towards fall 2012. It will not make any sense for Apple to release another model before that.

So what should you do?

If you are currently using an old Android / BlackBerry smartphone or iPhone 3/3G – then I would say that upgrading to the latest iPhone 4S makes sense. That is, if you are into iOS.

If you have one of the newer Android devices or iPhone 4 – then the only benefits you theoretically gain from upgrading to the latest iPhone are: 1) Speed, 2) Camera, 3) Siri.

Speed is not that important anymore, as iPhone 4 and latest Android models are all beasts anyhow. I currently don't know a new model that makes you actually "wait" for something to happen. The camera is important but not for everyone, plus, I'm not sure the new camera will be magically better than previous models. That leaves us with Siri.

Siri is supposed to be amazing (see Siri in action), but I never saw the thing for real, so it's hard for me to say. From my past experience, those technologies typically do not work well when you are outside in a noisy environment or if you're accent is not perfect – it would be interesting to see how it will react to my own funny accent…

The thing to notice about Siri, is that it is completely different than any other voice command applications we have used in the past: is kinds of a robot, with a personality even.

It actually talks to you, in an almost human kind of way. Apple invested in giving Siri a special attitude.

Here is a collection of funny answers coming from Siri:

If you are not convinced that Siri is different than anything else we knew so far, check those images out…


More Siri answers in here

More examples in here


How old is this article? iPhone 5 was released almost a month ago...
zig03 said…
I am still waiting to see how people react to siri. I have my doubts and therefore I intend to keep on waiting.
Anonymous said…
IPhone 5 was released and I missed it?
Anonymous said…
There is a fourth and better reason if you are a Verizon customer who travels outside the US...the unlocked SIM card slot that allows you to use GSM systems, anywhere.
iPhone unlock said…
i do not think so i will update it, as i will loose my jailbreak and unlock. i will do once ios 5.0jailbreak is out.
Metformin said…
Siri is really nice to use and search become more efficient now.

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