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HP TouchPad Effect

Well well well, look who finished second in the tablets quarterly contest: it's HP's TouchPad! Wooooooooo!!! The abandoned tablet, has made it to the top, second only to Apple's iPad!

Does it mean Palm's poor exhausted employees still have some hope? Don't think so. According to the rumors IBM, Oracle, Intel and RIM are showing some interests in webOS and HP might eventually be selling this sweet little platform almost all of us mobile fans have learned to like (but not to waste money on, of course…).

Think about those employees over at the Palm offices, what kind of messages they have been receiving in the last few years? Here's my version:

  • "We are no longer a significant player in the mobile market, but we have plans…"
  • "We will work hard to release something completely new. We will call it… webOS! This is our maser plan!"
  • "OK, we actually ran out of money, we need to sell the company… but don't you worry, we have plans…"
  • "We are saved! No, it's not Microsoft… no, not Google, you know they have Android already… no, RIM already got QTX, well? anyone? care to guess???"
  • "OK people, no one guessed it, it's HP, oh no no no, don't cry! it's a good thing!"
  • "Team, we have some bad news… webOS is not doing very well…" we need to come up with a plan…
  • "Team, check out the TouchPad! This will be a hit; it will cost more than iPad and will soon bypass it in sales!"
  • "Team, they are shutting us down… but don't worry you guys, we have plans…"
  • "No they will not renew the TouchPad. They are still shutting us down…"
  • "Team, we may have found a way to save webOS! Here's the plan…"

No doubt HP TouchPad is already a legend (and because of the wrong reasons), but it's only one out of a few leading tablet models that are generating $415 million in retail sales in the US (Q3).


Wow, $415 million! Impressive, isn't it? Well, depends if you compare it to the poor netbooks sales which are constantly decreasing, or to the King: the iPad, a tablet that generated $6.9 billion in a similar period of time.

The iPad numbers are making all the others look like a joke, but I insist: By mid 2012, Android will lead tablets market (while webOS will probably still be looking for a home…)


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Great post.
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Samsung doing really great in making smart phones and Tab.