Android is under attack! Malware up 500%. Norton to the rescue?

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Android is under attack

Well, at least according to Juniper Networks, the number of malware apps has grown to be 5 times bigger than just 3-4 months ago.

"We're seeing a mix of the traditional hacking community working on malware very similar to organized efforts on the PC side, as well as people who are just a little smart, the '15-year-old kid crowd,' who are able to hide some malicious content in an app," said Dan Hoffman, Juniper's chief mobile security analyst.

Android is actually the only mobile platform today (counting only the big ones of course) that lets you download and install just about anything you want. Pirate stuff, porn, free music, and of course… malicious apps. Google doesn't control what apps are being installed, and it even allows almost anything to be placed in the Android Market (including low quality apps, skins, themes, and ringtones). That makes it hard to protect the users.

You can read more about it in Juniper's Global Threat Center Blog.


Is Google in trouble?

As many will expect, this problematic situation might push enterprise companies away from taking the (attractive looking) Android path. Apple's safe AppStore and Microsoft's protected MarketPlace both seem like much safer alternatives.

Norton to the rescue

Google seems to be in troubles in this area, but as Albert Einstein once said: "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" (I bet you didn't think I knew that one didn't you…), and Norton is definitely going to turn this situation into an opportunity.

According to ZDNet, Norton has recently announced the availability of Norton Tablet Security and new updates for Norton Mobile Security, the latter of which includes a new “scream” feature designed to help mobile owners find a lost or stolen device quickly.

norton-tablet-security-Android - The Mobile Spoon

The security software is able to remotely locate, lock and wipe a device via SMS commands as well as detecting malware and destroy it. The Norton software scans every app and every app update done in the mobile device, and looks for threats.

It also allows a "sneak peak" feature that uses the front-facing camera to snap a photo and uploads the picture to the anti-theft portal in case of a stolen device (I wrote about a similar case with an iPhone few days ago: How iPhone and facebook can deal with scumbags).

You can read more about it in ZDNet.


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