BlackBerry in the enterprise: is it just a matter of time?


So what's the deal with BlackBerry? An interesting study from the Enterprise Management Associates found that 52 percent of enterprise organizations with more than 10,000 employees deploy BlackBerries as their primary device, compared to 20 and 17 percent for Android and Apple devices, respectively.

Mobile Platform adoptation by Organization Size

52 percent is not that bad, isn't it? Does it mean RIM is still doing well? Nope.

I think there are two huge risks here:

  1. Smaller companies are witnessing a major shift towards Android (43%) and iOS (27%). This is a serious threat for RIM
  2. The downfall of BlackBerry in the consumer world plus the BYOD trend are a terrible sign for RIM: people will continue to walk away from RIM and enterprise companies will soon follow the trend.

Back in May, I wrote about how RIM's BlackBerry is following the footsteps of PalmOne and Windows Mobile straight into the oblivion:

"Another sleeping beauty, a company that could be considered as the one who invented the modern smartphone, Research In Motion, is slowly waking up to realize that the BlackBerry OS is dying just like Palm and Windows Mobile did few years ago." 

(Read the rest of the article in here: PalmOne, Windows Mobile, Now BlackBerry OS?)

RIM is working hard to migrate to a newer OS called QNX, already included in the PlayBook, but it seems like it takes forever and meantime the company is looking momentum much faster than anyone could expected.

Here's another interesting chart: Mobile Platforms Adaptation by Industry Type:

Mobile Platform adoptation by Industry Type

Read more in the full study in here: Enterprise Mobile Device Management: How Smartphones and Tablets are Changing Workforce IT Requirements.


Hey Gil,

These are some very interesting charts. I think you're right about Blackberry following the footsteps of PalmOne and Windows Mobile.

These charts show me that it's not long before the iPhone and Android are the only two real competitors in the smartphone market.
Metformin said…
I also agree with this chart. Because as business prospect BlackBerry is the best Smart Phone.
Wow, I think this is kinda sad. Blackberry IS the best smart phone there is!
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