Blogger App for iPhone. Easy blogging straight from your smartphone

Blogger app for iPhone lets you post directly from you smartphone.

The app looks great. It's simple and it does exactly what it is supposed to do.
You can edit existing articles, add new and embed images (although they always come at the end).
It also has an option to include the relevant labels.
Perfect for simple updates.
Oh, and it's free, and we all like FREE apps.

I'm actually writing this post from the iPhone Blogger app. Let's add some images and see how it comes up.


Metformin said…
Yup..!! Its to great New
Incredible! This is definitely a most have app for bloggers. Thanks for sharing. Now, i no longer need to purchase an iPad.
Lenghas said…
Hey dear, Thanks for sharing this marvelous application in smartphone. This application is so easy and attractive. Love it !!!!!
james said…
That's what i was looking for. I will definitely share it with others.
Thanks for sharing.
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Adrenal-Pro said…
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Gold said…
Great Post.