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Speaking of technology, history, and useless paragraphs with no real value, here's a nice one:


motorola razr

Motorola recently announced the new Droid Razr which is intended to give some respect to the iconic model from 2004 and at the same time try to give some prestige to this new Droid model. The original Motorola Razr was an expensive cellphone, kind of a luxury one that could easily draw attention due to the thin-sleek design.

Here's what Mobile Gazette had to say about Motorola Razr back in July, 2004:

"At only 13.9 mm thick, the Motorola RAZR V3 is certainly a slimline phone, but unlike many compact handsets, the RAZR V3 certainly doesn't skimp on features in any way.

The feature set on the V3 is impressive, but the first thing most people will notice is the looks. The Motorola V3 is clad in aluminum, which is strong and lightweight, and the antenna has been tucked away internally. The keypad is impressive - its been chemically etched for maximum precision - and Motorola have added "cool blue" electroluminescent backlighting. The size overall is 13.9x55x98mm and weight is 95 grams.

As we said - a lot of compact phones skimp on features, but the RAZR V3 comes with a 176x220 pixel internal screen in 65,000 colors plus an external 96x80 4096 color unit. There's a built in camera, although VGA resolution only and even Bluetooth. Like most high-end Motorolas, this is a quad band GSM phone supporting GPRS."

Impressive stuff no doubt. And only $500 with a contract!? It's almost for free! can I get 5 pieces please?

Here's another historical article (in case you are really bored): The RAZR arrives at Cingular.

Cool. I really miss those days when… well… actually I'm lying.
I don't miss those days at all! Those were horrible days.

Anyways, Motorola tried to repeat the success of the original Razr with some successor models, but none of them managed to repeat the success of the original Razr which was innovative that time.

Motorola Razr V3  Motorola Razr V8 Motorola Razr V9

Motorola Droid Razr:

These days, Motorola shows off its' new Droid Razr, the next generation of the popular model, which seems to be promising, at least in terms of specs and design:

Dual core, 4G LTE (the thinnest one so far), Super AMOLED screen, 8MP camera, and other goodies which I'm sure will look very funny in 10 years from now when a new site (possibly called "the mobile fork") will review what technology we used to have…

The Droid Razr looks good, I must say, although I'm not sure it reminds me of the original models that much and it may fail to fight with the big players coming from Samsung and HTC.

Motorola Droid Razr  2Motorola Droid Razr

Droid Razr

It's nice to remember good old classic smartphones, and get familiar with the new Motorola Droid. After all, Motorola did have a key role in bringing Android to the mainstream (remember the first Droid?).


But I miss those days, raly! When color pics in your phones were a miracle! Polyphonic music! Radio? That's a dream..
Sharon said…
Know what Motorola originally wanted to name the Droid? Dynamite.. sounds like grampa is naming the thing, trying to be all hip and cool in front of the kids..

Wired ran a nice story about it a while back:
Metformin said…
Welcome back with your great smart phones. Mostly Droid Series.