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Nov 19, 2011

A glimpse at the future – productivity, mobility, and a lot of Metro UI

Future by Microsoft Office

Microsoft has been producing a lot of these futuristic videos this year, this one is a bit long, and I mostly liked the first part of it, showing airplane signs and digital cards – all in a Metro Style UI (you all know I like Metro, right?).

It's kind of cool to see that some of the UI elements in this video actually exist on my Windows Phone 7 smartphone, the layout, the fonts, the time picker – are all already there. I'm just hoping that the future of WP7 will be as bright and sexy as some of the stuff in this video (at the moment I barely get to see WP7 apps that look anything like the stuff below…).

Enjoy the video:


Choli Saree said...

OMG! You have made a great blog!!! This video clip is awesome, I love it. These applications are amazing.

Metformin said...

It's so amazing video about the future vision.

The Bridge said...

Very Enjoyable Videos.

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