The one and only chart you need to understand mobility

I got this one from Sharon today, and I really liked the visual part of this chart called: "the one chart you need to understand mobile…":

the one chart you need to understand smartphones and mobility

So why is it so great?

First of all, it shows you the path each mobile platform has done in the last 22 months or so. Despite the expected organic growth of the smartphones market, only iOS and Android actually had a noticeable growth. All the others did not. You can see, for instance, that RIM didn't do well during 2011, and it is close to going back to 2009's market share, which is really bad comparing to iOS and Android.

Second, you can see that Microsoft was a tiny mobility player 2 years ago and is now a… tiny player.

Third, you see the visual side of Palm's crash… so bad to see Palm's color disappear and no longer part of the smartphones market.

Android and iOS? Well, no need to explain what you see…  We all know the story there, But the interesting part is that huge endless blue area which represent non-smartphones. No matter how giant Android is, it is capturing less than 30% of the phones market (or the potential smartphones market).

Now I understand why Microsoft is not giving up with WP7 despite the poor sales results. Nokia is probably holding the biggest portion of the non-smartphones section. The potential is huge, and Microsoft may actually pull something off with Windows Phone 7.

Or not…


Metforming said…
Android doing great work in making smart phones and demand increases day by day.
Nokia confirmed partnership with Microsoft last February and if it's true that Nokia is holding the biggest portion of non-smartphone users then there's a big possibility that Windows Phone will dominate in the smartphone industry in the future.