Consumers prefer iOS over Android, developers too…

Consumers prefer iOS over Android (yes, I know Android sells more, but believe me, it's all a matter of price, contracts, nothing more), and now we learn that developers prefer iOS as well.

According to Flurry Analytics, (never heard of them, did you?), 75% of all mobile software startups choose iOS (up from 63% in Q1, 2011).

Developers prefer iOS over Android

The main reason is fragmentation. Understandable.

As the company I work for develops HTML5-based mobile applications, we have seen this fragmentation problem even in a browser-based application, where you would assume that the environment (Android Browser) should be fairly stable. But no, every different Android device has differences in the core operating system and also in the browser behavior. Examples vary between buggy keyboard behavior in Samsung devices to slightly different touch quality between devices which are felt well when implementing drawing tools, and other unexpected issues.

Android is a great platform, everyone agrees, but the number different versions of it is so bad for the ecosystem and developers are the first ones to know it.


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Yes, It's really true, Because their is huge difference in apps as compare to Android with iOS. And the reason everyone knows
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