How to push your RSS Feeds to your Notification Center using Push? [iPhone]

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As part of my attempts to turn my iPhone Notification Center into a all-in-one productivity tool, I spent some time looking for a News Reader with Push Notifications.

My requirements were fairly straightforward:

An iPhone RSS Reader App, with Google Reader support, and Push Notifications.

Let's write it one more time (mainly for SEO's purposes and my personal fun):

RSS Feeds with Push Notifications, and Google Reader support for iPhone!

I tried many great RSS Readers, but most of them do not support Push Notifications. The reason is that in order to have Push Notifications the application needs to have a dedicated server, and that design typically conflicts with the simple RSS engine approach.

Focusing on the push capabilities, I managed to find a few nice RSS Reader apps with push capabilities. I actually purchased them for the sake of the research, (and got very disappointed from some of them) – but eventually I found the winning one!

RSS2Push – Disqualified.

A free app that allows you to manually subscribe to RSS feeds. I've tested it for a while, and the push does work for the RSS Feed, however, the app is limited to only one site subscription! (What's that?) It says something about a full version available in the AppStore, but no details are given as to how to get it… brrr… that was enough for me to disqualify this option. Next please…

FeedRunner – The Crashing One

Did you ever purchase an app just to find out it doesn't work? I just did. And – I paid good money for it too ($2.99?? that's much more than $1.99!). FeedRunner looks great in pictures, I was positive that would be my winning app. The only problem is – it crashes all the time (5 seconds after loading to be more accurate). How bad is it? It cannot be used. The crashes are consistent, the app is currently not working (for me at least, I'm sure the developers will fix it soon).
For now, FeedRunner wins the doubtful category of "the crashing one".

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BlogKeen – Almost?

BlogKeen is another app for reading news and RSS feeds. It has a great user interface and it works well. It lets you configure "push notifications" for certain feeds, however – you cannot view them in your Notification Center (only lock screen is supported).
Besides that limitation, I think BlogKeen (free app) is a solid RSS Reader with some cool additions too, but there are better news readers out there with more sophisticated features. As I was looking to the complete push experience and this app doesn't show the pushed messages in the Notification Center – it is still lacking.

Feed Push – Good Enough (and free!)

Feed Push is a free app that lets you import specific sites from your Google Reader and set them to a "push" mode. It's working for the most parts, unfortunately the push itself is a bit clunky. The UI is not the strongest side of this app, but at least you can manage your subscriptions in a nice manner.

Push notifications RSS Reade  Feed Push for iPhone Mobile Spoon
I am still testing this app, I like it, but something is not perfect with it. For now, Feed Push is almost the best one in my list, with a good potential to become the champion in one of the next releases. It's free, so you should give it a shot.

BoxCar – The Interesting One

BoxCar is a well known iPhone app. It lets you subscribe to a huge list of services and get notified via push notifications whenever something changes in one of those services. It's an all-included Push machine, and it looks like a killer app.

IMG_0420 IMG_0418 IMG_0419
Unfortunately for my humble needs (following some RSS Feeds using push) it never worked. I subscribed to a variety of blogs and got no push notification…
Still, I recommend checking out BoxCar (it's a free app) – you may find one of the included services to be useful.

You can read more about BoxCar for iPhone in here: Boxcar 2.0 Is A Must-Have For the iPhone. It's The Best Push Notification App Yet.

Push Reader – The champ

Push Reader for iPhone is the best RSS Reader with Google Reader integration and fully configurable Push Notifications.

Yes, I know, the UI is not perfect, and you cannot see thumbnails of the images in those RSS lists. You can definitely find better RSS Readers. However, as I was looking for a way to get those RSS notifications to my lock screen and notification center, almost in real-time – this app gives the best value for money (and it does cost $1.99).

Push Reader Push Reader - Notification Center Push Reader The Mobile Spoon

You can define when will the push mechanism work (and define a "night mode" when you are sleeping) and you can import all of your Google Reader subscriptions and select only few ones to be pushed to you.

The app still has some areas to improve, but for this list of RSS Readers with Push Notifications capabilities – Push Reader is the champion.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks Gill,
I was looking for a way to push my favorite blogs feeds to my iPhone
Iphone seems to be the trends today, its apps are quite interesting... makes me think of buying one as well,
Thanks for these apps. Thanks for giving the review, especially for FeedRunner.
Magnus Karlsson said…
Good review!

Im actually working at and we will consider your suggestion with support for notification center for the next version

More cool features are on the way :)
Anarkali Suits said…
This really very helpful to me. Now i'm get the info of blog update any time.

Thanks to share
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esayel said…
Fantastic blog! This review in particular really hit home with me because I can relate to your frustration and preferences. I'm still searching for the perfect RSS NC reader, and because I still prefer to do my bulk reading in Reeder, I want my NC alerts to be just that, alerts. If I see an interesting headline, I'll launch Reeder and read the article there. What would make this whole process much smoother was if I could mark a notification that I didn't find interesting as "read" right from the NC, so that when I launch Reeder (synced through Google Reader) the uninteresting article will not show up under Unread posts. Do any of these apps allow you to mark an article read from the Notification Center?
Anonymous said…
Boxcar works good for me, if im using
Just create an account there add your recipes to send a notification to boxcar, which sends the notification to your smartphone.
Little bit complicated but free:)
Ellen Paul said…
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