iPhone 4S with Siri generates higher satisfaction rate than any previous iPhone model


iPhone and me:

When I first started using an iPhone (almost 4 years ago, talk about how time flies) I often thought to myself: "this technology is from out of space!". Coming from Windows Mobile and BlackBerry phones, the iPhone was different in each and every parameter: design, speed, sexiness, user interface, innovation, entertainment.

Time went by. I got used to most of the innovating features in iOS. Android took over, webOS was released, Windows Phone 7, they all ripped off many of the things no one ever thought about before Apple did, but in many cases they made those things even better. And, they didn't include that annoying "Apple-ness" many of us can't stand. People (and me included) forgot how this mobile era started. Just as a stupid yet good example: Remember how we used to scroll lists before the iPhone? With Windows-style Scroll-bar, using a stylus! Could you imagine how mobile scrolling would look like if it wasn't for the iPhone's scrolling gestures?

iPhone 4 was a low point for me: I didn't like the hardware design, the Antennagate pissed me off, the progress was not enough to describe it as "out of space" and I felt it's time to move on: I bought a Windows Phone 7 based Samsung Omnia, and I must say I really enjoy it. I tried some Android devices (except for one, none of them convinced me to switch over to the Android side), I even went back to BlackBerry for a short while (couldn't last… sorry RIM, you are done…). iPhone was history.

iPhone 4S:

Like most people, I was very disappointed to see iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5. I was sure it is going to become Apple's first failure in the iOS period. It had no new design, it included some minor improvements in the CPU, camera and… yeah, it included that SIRI thing, no one could expect how well it will catch.

I was totally wrong.

Not only the phone sells like crazy, it seems like people loves it. iPhone 4S owners are satisfied with their phones much more than Android users for instance.

In fact, according to a recent survey by ChangeWave Research, the iPhone 4S has topped iPhone 4 in customer satisfaction:

iPhone 4S makes people happier than iPhone 4

That's 96% which are overall satisfied with their iPhone. Amazing numbers.

Customers ranked Siri voice-recognition system as their favorite feature. Seems like Apple managed to pull that one off once again. Siri seems like a winning feature. The battery life, however, seems like iPhone 4S's biggest pain at the moment. I wonder if it can be fixed in the software level…

Just for the record: when Apple released the iPhone, people made fun of it, comparing it to a rock, and other funny objects for not having multi-tasking, 3G support etc. When Apple came out with iPad – people made fun of it too, comparing it to a breadboard, rock, etc.

Why do we do that? Why do we continue to doubt Apple's ability to bring exactly what consumers are looking for? Nothing more, nothing less. Just the things that make people happy with their products. What an art.

Anyways, now I'm doubting whether I should switch back to iPhone or stick with my Omnia 7 for another year until the real iPhone 5 is released. Dilemma. 

Read my first part of the mother of all comparisons: iOS 5 vs. WP7. I started a process, hopefully it will help me decide which one is better…


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