Kindle Fire Actual Sales Numbers Shows an iPad Problem

Kindle Fire vs iPad

Analysts predict that the Kindle will grab half of Android tablet market in 2012. This is huge in terms of market share and will make Amazon the leader of the the Android tablets arena.

(and if my prediction will indeed happen, a leader in the entire tablets industry).

Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps expects to see 5 million Kindle Fire tablets sold this year.

But what about actual numbers?
(I would assume that if you follow me on twitter you would see them!)

Amazon do not typically exposes sales numbers but recently the company released the following press release indicating more than 3 million Kindle devices (notice they do not say what devices so it's probably all of the Kindle models including the Black & White ones) were sold in the last 3 weeks in a rate of 1 million Kindles per week! Numbers that if will remain, will help Kindle bypass all other tablets including… (horror sound effects)… the iPad…

Convinced that the Kindle Fire is your next tablet of choice?

I must admit I still have my doubts…

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I still have my doubts too. The high volume of sales could just be because of the coming holiday season. Kindle is basically cheaper than iPad which makes it more ideal as gift for Christmas.
Metformin said…
It's really great news for all Android lovers..!
James Ashe said…
I think the Kindle Fire is great for tablets. Since the other manufactures started making tablet devices, I never understood why the start their prices at the same price or higher than the Ipad. Lower prices, more sells. Simple.
iFan said…
I would love to see if the Kindle is still selling at such a high volume now; post holiday season. Follow up would be great!