Want to experience Windows Phone 7 from your iPhone? Check this one out!

iPhone is considered by many to be the prettiest smartphone with the nicest looking mobile operating system, but when I got my Windows Phone 7 device, about a year ago, I constantly got excited reactions from people looking at my phone, asking what is that, and how come this Samsung Galaxy looks completely different than what they are used to (of course it looks different stupid. It's a Samsung Omnia phone, running WP7).

You see, that's the thing about Windows Phone 7: many people have no clue what it is. Others think that it's the best looking operating system but it doesn't bring them to actually buy it.

Poor Microsoft, what else can it do to promote Windows Phone?

How about pushing the unique Metro UI to all other smartphones users? Give some proper exposure to it? Show iPhone owners what a real UI looks like? Why not I say.

iPhone/Android users: here's a link that will take you to a website demonstrating Windows Phone 7. Open the following link (aka.ms/wpdemo) directly from your phone and get excited with some Metro coolness.


BTW, the experience in the real phone is much MUCH MUCH better, so the demo actually doesn't do any good to WP7 (although it guides you through the basic apps which is very nice indeed).


Metformin said…
The WP7 OS creates problem with my iPhone.
London Removal said…
Windows 7 creates problem with my Iphone, most common saying about that All that glitter is not gold, similar the function of Windows 7.
London Removal said…
I agree with you guys, similar problem happend with me also.
trump hollywood said…
This smart phone OS is just going to get better and better. As well as the hardware or phone manufacturer themselves. The iPhone will soon have REAL competition.