Want to see Siri plays the piano? You don't? Oh, stop it! You know you do!



Cool? Weird? Stupid? People are so obsessed with that Siri stuff, and it just doesn't stop.

Here's Siri playing the piano… Yep, I kind of feel silly to even write it.., but that's what it does… here's the video if you do not believe me.

Click here if you are interested to understand how this is working…


Anonymous said…
Siri is NOT playing the song, it's just initiating the play of a MIDI file (much as it can any file in your music library). Extremely deceptive narration in the video.
Metformin said…
Siri is really amazing
Gil Bouhnick said…
Well, maybe you are right... I believe it's only a matter of time until people will connect their iPhone to a robot and pretend Siri runs it... :)
Mila Ralls said…
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