DraftCraft - an elegant app for blogging from your iPad

Hello everybody!
This is a test done by an app I just purchased called DraftCraft.

It's a clean, elegant blogging app that allows you to easily manage your drafts, review and rate them, and update them on the move.

I've been looking for a blogging app for a long while now. Non of them work for me when I'm with my iPad. This one looks better although I already found that the spellcheck feature doesn't work here (just the auto-correct).

The app allows you to add your tags and labels, place images, and save your drafts locally or publish them once they are ready. Lovely!

Ok, so first of all, you can set a text to be bold... As I just did.
Secondly, you can place an image.

Modifying the images is not yet supported. Hopefully this feature will be added soon.

What about links? Well, as this is my first post with this app, how about we give it a try?
Working? Well, you tell me...
There is also a way to mark some text as a link. Let's try it out: the mobile spoon.

One thing I already noticed is that the app crashes too frequent. 4-5 times already is a lot. After all, I'm just writing this sort post as a test, nothing more... The good thing, though, is that most changes are saved even if the app shuts down.

Well, that's it for this short review. Cute app, it costs $3.99, and still misses some basic stuff, but definitely has a great potential. I think I will keep it. (well, i already paid for it...)

Posted via DraftCraft app


Not sure any app can make blogging from iPad an easy business)) You'll waste too much time creating one simple post without any images. IMO, surely.
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