How to turn your web-related activities into an organized, automated machine


A friend of mine recently discovered this cool site called ifttt (like “lift” but without the l).

ifttt stands for "If This Then That" which is something that most developers will immediate recognize as one of the most basic elements in software programming.

The idea behind ifttt is simple: we all use a lot of web-based services. In most cases they require a lot of attention looking for data or updates. ifttt allows you to define "triggers" that will trigger a push message (such as email or SMS) whenever they occur. Once the trigger has happened, ifttt will know what to do, and it will know it based on the way you selected it to behave. 

Got a new message in facebook? Got tagged into a picture? it's going to be raining tomorrow and you asked to know about it in advanced? ifttt might help you…


The service is still in beta stage, but already has a nice collection of web-based services that can be easily pushed to you without having to look for them. On the other hand, most of those services are social oriented which may become disturbing more than helpful.


It will be interesting to see how this idea will evolve and to what directions.

If it sounds interesting, head over to ifttt and start automating your web life in a couple of clicks.

(Thanks Mashram for the tip)