How would you call your next Android phone model?


With so many Android models being released so frequent, it's really hard to keep up with the different model names.

In fact, except for Samsung, which is doing a fairly good job in promoting the Galaxy brand, all the other model names always sound similar, as if they were taken from another disappointing Transformers movie:

Incredible, Legend, Dream, Optimus, Transformer, Magic, Plus, Pro, Prime and so on. Those are all great names, but they sound the same, which is probably a bad thing for the companies who selected them.

Here's an idea: how about calling HTC's next device: HTC FAIR?
Like saying: "it's a fair model, fair price, fair design. It's fair."

Or maybe: LG Passable?
Like saying: "Hey, it's not the Galaxy S2, but it's enough for most of you people…".

LG Marketing team, HTC Product Strategy Group – there's more where it came from – I'm easy to find.

Back to our topic. Here's a site that took the Android phone names seriously and decided to do something to help all of those phones manufacturers in the process of picking the names for their products.

Head over to Android Phone Name Generator, and start playing with the model names that were not released yet.



Metformin said…
Nice site....!
Glad they didn't name one Bumble Bee :)

Mathy Garcia
Hey Gil,

I like the idea of calling the next one "HTC Fair". I haven't heard of this site before, but since I'm a proud owner of an android I will play around with it for a while and see what I come up with just for fun.
Giving names to new units of phones is really a fun thing to do especially now that so many cellphone models are sprouting out and so many marketing ads accompany them. :D
Sometimes, funny names for a gadget can really make a hit to everyone. :)
Useful Generator.. Cool one
I think a name generator for gadgets would be really fun! :D
Wedding Favors said…
It is a clever one at least you wouldn't really have to think of all those model names just the given generated name would be fun.
App development said…
I like the names Neo, Galaxy.. But I would start to give them women's name, like Cassandra or Lusy...)