MobileSpoon Recommends: Woody Woodpecker Game For iOS [iPhone, iPad]


My dad recently bought an iPad. He was never afraid of new technologies but smartphones were never something he looked for. The iPad is a different story though. The size, the internet browsing, the classic advantages. He and my mom are downloading games, apps, calling us to make FaceTime calls with the kids and it seems like they really enjoy it.

Still, every time we meet I need to teach them how to operate the emails, calendar, or relatively complicated apps they download.

This weekend, my dad showed me something for a change (how cool is that?); a really cool game he downloaded: Woody Woodpecker.


The game is a race where you need to tune your speed by jumping between valleys. It's simple, short, requires little fingers acrobatics – just the kind of games I like for my iPhone/iPad. The graphics are great, the UI is perfect. I love it!

Oh, forgot to mention you get to play with all the famous characters. Which is another plus for this game.

So head over to the iOS AppStore and look for the game: Woody Woodpecker.
The game costs $0.99 and believe me – you will like it. There's an iPhone version and iPad (HD) version as well.

Woody Woodpecker iPad MobileSpoon Woody Woodpecker iPhone App Mobile Spoon
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Spondylitis said…
Oh gosh! Woody Woodpecker is like my ultimate go-to game nowadays! :D How I wish iPhone would indeed make an application for it! :D
armour thyroid said…
this game is really nice.....!
wedding favors said…
I wanna add this to my games. lol