Smartphones Market by the numbers: iPhone is king again


Following the crazy sales results by Apple last quarter, there is a huge buzz all over the world wide web, with all sorts of amazing numbers, facts, and other statistics about Apple's momentum.

Here's some of the interesting stuff I found:

Who Buys iPhone 4S?

According to a new research, 36% of the people who bought iPhone 4S switched from another platform (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android), while 64% upgraded from an older iPhone model. Not only that, over 20% of them purchased the most expensive model (64G). Talk about customers loyalty.

Apple is now making iPhones at a rate that exceeds the amount of babies that humans produce on earth every day.

During its' quarterly earnings, Apple announced that it had sold 37 million iPhones in Q4 2011. Those are higher numbers than any other manufacturer around the globe, but more interestingly, might be higher than the world’s average birth rate.

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What about Android?

Last time we checked, Android was doing great with 700,000 activations per day. Time to check how the Android devices manufacturers are dealing with this iOS dizzying success:

  • Motorola Mobility posted an $80 million loss in the fourth quarter. Motorola sold 5.3 million smartphones and 200,000 tablets. Motorola sold 18.7 millions smartphones throughout all of 2011. That's half of what Apple did in one quarter…
  • Nokia was rumored to sell the new Windows Phone smartphones quite nicely: over 1 million WP7 based Lumia smartphones over the last quarter. That didn't help a lot in terms of numbers the company posted losses of $1.2 billion last quarter, selling 19.6 million smartphones. A decrease of 31% year over year.
  • Samsung, the most successful Android manufacturer announced its' best ever smartphones sales in 1 quarter. Samsung shipped more smartphones in 2011 than Apple did for iPhones (although the trend changed in Q4), selling a record 300 million handsets (number includes both smartphones and feature-phones).
  • Read about HTC in here: What's wrong with HTC?

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Who wins the US Market?

According to Ed Bott from ZDNet, it's Apple. Here’s how complete the domination is among this country’s top two carriers, that hold around 70% of the U.S. mobile carrier market:


According to Ed Bott: "Google still has an edge in other parts of the developed world, but it’s eroding. A report last week from Kantar Worldwide Tech said “Apple sales are now growing at a faster rate than Android across the nine countries we cover.” The list includes Great Britain, where iPhone’s share is up nearly 10% in a single year, to 30.9%. (Germany is a bedrock of Android strength at 61%.)"


I personally think that iPhone is the ultimate smartphone. :_
I wonder why so many people in Germany use Androids. But I believe the iPhone will be the king of the smartphones for a long time.

The fact that the amount of iPhones sold could be higher than the world's average birth rate is a true sign of Apples influence and power in this market.