What is the most popular mobile operating system in the enterprise?

Hint: it's not BlackBerry...


During most of 2011 we all heard about Android activations number constantly growing while iOS remains still, but the 4th quarter of 2011 really shakes that picture. First came Apple's crazy earnings report, then came the report indicating that iPhone is king again in the US and growing faster than Android in many countries in Europe. Talk about a momentum… but that's not all; the iPhone and iPad are both so strong among consumers that they are now penetrating the enterprise faster than in the past. After all, we all feel the BYOD and the consumerization processes many enterprise companies are going through. I believe a lot of those trends can be credited to Apple and the iOS products.

According to new research by Good Technologies, Apple's iPhone is entering the enterprise quickly while Android still creates some security challenges and is somewhat left behind: "iPhone 4S was a new device in Q4 and quickly dominated, representing 31 percent of all activations for the quarter.", says the report.

here are some graphs indicating the unbelievable advantage Apple managed to create in an area that seemed (and not to long ago) like something that is not likely to happen, given that the iOS devices are most of all entertainment products.




There are a lot of additional interesting graphs and pieces of information available in the report. A nice summary can be found in here.


Good Technologies are not the only one to release an pro-Apple enterprise/mobile report. According to a new report from CheckPoint (network security company) and Dimensional Research, Apple's iOS is the most popular mobile operating system in business environments while Android was perceived to have the greatest risk for companies. Read more about this report in here.


Last, but not least - a new Forrester report reveals that around 20% of enterprise employees are using Apple products (iPhones, iPads or Mac's).

Here are some of the highlights made by Forrester:

  • Managers and execs are more than twice as likely to use Apple products.
  • Younger info workers are twice as likely to use Apple products as older ones.
  • Higher income workers are more likely to use Apple products.
  • Info workers in countries outside North America and Europe are more likely to use Apple products for work.

Read more about this report in here.


Yes. iOS is friendlier than ever to the enterprise while the competitors are struggling: Android is suffering from security issues, BlackBerry is constantly vanishing, and Windows Phone is not yet in the position to do anything significant.  Is it the iPad who helped pushing the iPhone? Or maybe it's the other way around? Bottom line is that enterprise companies will prefer to deploy one mobile platform and iOS delivers 2 types of devices running the same OS which is a huge advantage.

I just wish Apple fix that horrible experience when working with Exchange Calendar (you know: having to open the meeting attachment instead of simply accepting the invite…).


Claudiu said…
Honestly, I do think that Windows Mobile will have a quick growth with the new Mango.
In my opinion the Apple devices are only entertaining devices, the Android phones are OK for most users in various areas but the WM it's something that it's very easy to scale with intern software used in the enterprise area.
I have been researching the iPhone 4S today and it really looks like it is rocking with Siri. The new commercials they put out are very entertaining and not so stuffy. Thanks for the information and great article!
lesleyanneyp said…
This is a nice competition from all OS providers. These will result for a better developing ideas in the future. developers will be eager to work hard and give better result in order for them to be on top.
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