About Nokia Lumia 900 and colorized live tiles in Windows Phone 7

Here's a great video showing the Nokia Lumia 900. Nokia's high end model, and one of the 3 Windows Phone models Nokia released as part of the Nokia-Microsoft mobile comeback attempt.

The video is fresh, cool even, but if you are familiar with Windows Phone you might have noticed it uses an element that doesn't really exist in the current platform: colorized tiles.

Few months ago, I complained about some missing “personalization” capabilities in WP7, as part of an article called: "5 things that Microsoft should do in order to save Windows Phone 7 from dying". I asked for more colors, more tiles options and other ways to spice things up in Windows Phone.

The video below really opened my appetite. Hopefully Microsoft is working on some new ways to make the Metro UI even better, more colorful.

Until then, and until Microsoft adds some other missing features in WP7, I guess I’m going to stick with around my iPhone...

Enjoy the video.


yaelips said…
I Must say it does look a bit more colorfull, though I'm still board. even though from UI perspective, it is very usable, and the learning curve of this UI style is very easy for the user. i think that whats boring about it :)
civic literacy said…
what do you mean "colorized tiles" are not part of wp7 platform? my htc mozart screen looks like the screen i saw in the ad. tiles have color and have since the beginning. I might wish for more colors to choose from, but the color has always been there, and bright too!
This is some pretty intuitive stuff. Im curious if this will have the capability of handling our software programs. I've heard that similar technologies such as the iPad will be able to handle our software seamlessly. Hope to learn more about the Nokia Luma 900 soon!