Ford is joining the mobile world. Here’s why…

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I had a chance to participate today in an interesting session held by William Ford where the “grand child of” announced that Ford is joining the mobile world.

The reason: based on the growing population and the growing number of cars in the cities, it seems like within 20-30 years it will be impossible to drive from point A to B in most of the crowded cities around the world . Ford presented some numbers and made it clear that without a revolution in the way we drive, plan our routes, and park our cars – there will simply not be enough place to move all of those cars around.

The solution, and the vision Ford presented is interesting: cars acting like portable mobile devices passing information from one to another, sharing it to create “optimized” routes, and to efficiently manage those cars in a way that will not create impossible traffic jams. Collaboration of real-time information to create an optimized traffic… Interesting, isn’t it?

Ford talked about the need to build a solid and mutual infrastructure for the new intelligent/mobile cars, which will, along with the M2M communication provide the platform for changing the way we drive. The future will include auto-pilot modes, auto-parking, optimizing routes, changing vehicles even (Assuming they do have PAYG car insurance).

Bottom line – the driving experience as we all know it is about to change (at least in the crowded areas) in order to turn it into a “technological” driving – automatic, fed by real-time updates and communication between cars and more.

Ford invited mobile companies to start working with the car company. He admitted that Ford (as a company) does not have the knowledge to implement such a revolution. Yet he seemed determined to start pushing it sooner than later. It will be interesting to see how this vision becomes reality in the next few years, and what companies will be joining this ride.


Sharon said…
These are great times we're living in, no? Feels like every book Asimov ever wrote is coming to life.. I just hope Siri won't pull a multivac and tries to kill itself :)
Anonymous said…
Do you think they will find a way to reduce traffic time in Milan from 3 hours on rush hours?...
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This post is really interesting with useful information. I can never imagine that this could happen.. but I found this is a positive step taken by William Ford. Let us see what will happen next.