Breaking News: French people eat croissant and use iPhone


"Bonjour peut j'avoir un autre croissant?". That's me, asking for another croissant.
Yep. I'm in Paris for a few days. Doing mostly business. But also eating croissants.

There's nothing like baked food, I can tell you that. And if it comes in the right amount of crispiness and with a good coffee, then it's even better (not that there is good coffee around here…). And while drinking, I'm staring at the people, walking around, using their phones, laptops, iPads, minding their own business.

Paris3 Paris1 Paris3

One thing I immediately spot is that there are much more iPhones around here than in other countries I've been visiting. Is Android outlawed in France or something? Looks very fishy… I need to get to the bottom of this.

Lucky you, I did a small research. Extremely scientific one (it included opening Google and doing 2-3 searches). 

According to, Android does not only exist in France, it's actually getting stronger every month. However, based on the chart below, you can see Apple is still strong in France with over 55% of smartphones market which is a huge market-share. Bigger than the average you see in other countries, (which might be the reason why it looks as if everyone around me are using those damn iPhones!).


Nice. So there is indeed something here: While Android is aggressively getting stronger, iPhone is much more popular in France than in other countries…

As for the others? I see some BlackBerries here and there, as usual. the people I've been meeting with were mostly BlackBerry users complaining about their company not giving them a decent phone (how quickly did BlackBerry turn from a business tool to being a sad joke…).

Windows Phone? None. As usual. You will probably get to see a Samsung Bada smartphone before you see a Windows Phone. Did you know that despite the "kind of" optimistic launch of the Nokia Lumia phones, Windows Phone 7 lost additional 14% in market shipments? (resulting in a decrease of 43% year over year…). Another reason to make a change, Microsoft…

smartphones shares global mobilespoon

And as for myself?

You know my point of view. I never managed to stick with an Android phone more than a month or two. As much as I want to, Android and me do not get along… I always come back crawling to this annoying piece of perfection (iPhone) that gives me exactly what I want in the way I want it.

Just like a good croissant in a cold morning.



I must agree with you, iPhone is an annoying piece of perfection! It's nice knowing about this fact about France and their use of iPhones.:D
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Well, it's a new fact about French people. :D I love using iPhone, too! :D
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