Hey Microsoft, Isn't it the time to replace Ballmer?

Warning: the following text was written after my Windows 7 laptop gave me a blue screen again, reminding me how I hate Microsoft these days. If you are a "PC", please go away.


While Apple continues to break new records, almost tripling revenues in 2 years, Microsoft decline continues. Few months ago I wrote about the fact that iPhone business generates more revenue than entire Google. Few days ago I read that in Q4 iPhone generated more revenue than entire Microsoft!? What the F...???

Yes. Believe it or not, Apple's recent quarter earnings report showed that iPhone generated $24.42 billion revenue. During the same quarter, all of Microsoft generated $20.89 billion. This is unbelievable!

As a "PC" (most of the time) and a software developer, I'm shockingly disappointed with Microsoft, although I cannot say I'm surprised! Everyone is talking about Microsoft's failure in the mobile space, where in fact, Microsoft has failed in many other areas too.

I'm working with Microsoft's software and development tools for the past 12 years. They used to be perfect for me not too long ago. But lately it seems like Microsoft simply lost its' touch. The company cannot dictate technologies any longer, and in the mobile space it is chasing all the others without any positive sign…

Think about IE10 and its' so called HTML5 support. Is there a reason why Microsoft believes it supports HTML5 when it's not? Maybe there's another HTML5 technology we are not aware of?

How about Silverlight? The mother of all web technologies, this is how Microsoft once presented it. In the good days, Microsoft would have able to pull this one off successfully and destroy all other web technologies. Today I'm not sure even 10% of the readers of the mobile spoon ever had a chance to even install silverlight on their browsers…

How about Windows Mobile? Microsoft now calls it Embedded Handheld and "pretends" to continue and promote it to special industries. What most people don't know is that if you install Microsoft's latest Visual Studio (development environment) – there is no longer a way to develop applications to Windows Embedded Handheld… What does that mean exactly?

But those are just technical examples.
How about 2 scenarios that demonstrate best the Microsoft failure:

1. Windows 7. Despite of all the superlatives it received, the thing still requires a restart every couple of days! Are we back at the 90's or what? Why is it fu<beep>ing so slow!?
As a comparison, I didn't restart my iPhone (nor my iPad) for months. In fact, in many occasions, when my laptops becomes (for some unknown reason) tired, stuck, slow, old, outdated, yesterday's news (you pick the term) – I use my iPhone to do some emails, or check the internet for something… is that humiliating for Windows 7 or what?

(BTW, I used to think I was the only one doing it, but I found I'm not alone in this one…)

2. Typing. The world has progressed. Auto-correction is now everywhere. People got used to it. For some reason, if you compare WP7, iOS, Android auto-correction capabilities with the ones Windows has – you realize you can actually type faster with an iPad these days… I would say that's another point against Microsoft, wouldn't you agree?

So numbers are going the wrong way, technology is not what it used to be, usability is far behind (yes, I love Metro, but Metro alone will not save Microsoft), momentum is with the competitors, how about some vision?

Allow me to end with a quote:
Something Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer said a few years ago:
"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share.
No chance.

Steve Ballmer

With such an outstanding visionary skills, and great execution, I think it's time for Microsoft to make a change, don't you?


(Inspiration by BetaNews)


Anonymous said…
point 1.
Why are you comparing a computer OS with a smartphone.
Very different things.
And by the way, i have a laptop with windows 7, i think i only reboot the thing ones a month for the updates, when i feel like it, so i dont agree with you on that one.

Point 2.
I also dont agree, still faster on a normal keyboard.

Though i do think computer OS's should adopt some of the mobile os's as they could be useful on both, i would have to say your exaggerating. sorry :)

ooh and you BSOF,... check the health status of your memory and or HDD!
Joj said…
Great article. Couldn't agree more.
I used to be an MS fan, today I think they are far behind.

I believe soon the same will happen to other companies. You cannot stay as the leader for too long.
Anonymous said…
Ouch... that was a hard one...
(not that I really care about MS...)