iPhone Free App: Beep Me – create instant reminders with minimum clicks

Beep-Me-Mobile-Spoon  Beep Me

The biggest visual difference between iOS and Android has to do with Android’s widgets, or lack of widgets in iOS.

Widgets are a great way to increase productivity, but at the same time they destroys any chance of having a clean, consistent UI. And this, in a nutshell, is a big difference between Android and iOS.

There are many iPhone apps that are designed to replace widgets. Small, quick, they perform something specific in a really efficient way, and nothing more. I usually don’t use those simple apps and prefer the ones that provides a wider set of features, but there are exceptions.

Beep Me is a small app that is designed to create simple reminders instantly. It’s simple in the sense that it operates almost like a widget: one click will take you straight to the screen that will let you add a reminder with minimum clicks. On the other hand, Beep Me has a lot of features: configuring the time is very convenient, number of repeats, sounds, theme, there are really a lot of capabilities surrounding the area of creating instant reminders.

This is why I like Beep Me. It is well developed, it combines simplicity with flexibility. So if you are looking for a way to create reminders instantly without opening the calendar, or task applications – then Beep Me might suit your needs.

Oh, and it’s free. We all like free apps. Especially if they are good ones.


  1. Its a great pleasure to read this post. Thanks for sharing the details and functionality about this "Beep Me" application. Im gonna try this..

  2. Cool app with a "Beep" I will add it to my Iphone. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have already downloaded the app..It is so amazing that now I remember even a smallest task of my day.

  4. Simple, useful *and* free - what a great app. Thanks for introducing me to it.

  5. It was quite interesting read about iphone free app.

    I always use to test apps for my iphone 3s.

    Thanks mate.

  6. I believe this application of iPhone is really amazing. :)


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