MWC: Why is everyone so excited about HTC One?

Second day of MWC and I’m now convinced: the winner of this year’s event, at least so far, is  HTC. After a long time of loosing to Apple and Samsung – and more importantly – neglecting the things that made HTC such a popular company -  it seems like it has finally found its’ way back to the top of the mobile world. It’s the HTC One, and it will make HTC strong again.

The HTC One has a charm, people love it already, the reviewers are excited, it looks promising for HTC.

By now I’m sure you all read about the 3 different models of HTC One and don’t need me to repeat all the specs and differences. In short: 

  1. The HTC One X is the extra large model with a quad-core processor and a giant, 4.7-inch HD screen. It’s a beast.
  2. The HTC One S is the “simpler” model with “just” a 1.5 dual core processor.
  3. The HTC One V is the successor of HTC Hero (remember that one?) which according to the HTC representatives was a unique, yet a very popular HTC phone. You can identify it by the curved area in the bottom


So why are we all excited about the HTC One which was not even released yet?

I can think of at least 5 reasons:

  1. Technology – we are talking about a good product, with a few new capabilities: amazing music sound and management, amazing camera with the ability to take pictures and screenshots while shooting a video. A cutting edge design both in the hardware and the software (Sense UI with Android 4 together – how great does that sound?).
  2. Psychology - People are getting bored with the Samsung/Apple endless war – they want to see something new. There’s an empty spot waiting for companies like Motorola, LG, and others. HTC is the perfect one to fit in.
  3. Timing – not sure if you have noticed, but all the mobile vendor creates identical smartphones these days: size, shape, back-cover. HTC makes them a bit different in terms of the looks, material, design. It didn’t convince me in the past to switch to an HTC smartphone, but with a slight improvement (slimmer designs, improved screen, lightweight material) it feels like it’s the perfect time to make the change and enjoy a slightly different looking smartphone. 
  4. Media – once again, something that HTC tried in the past without a lot of success. Smartphones specializing in music are not that attractive when you have the iPhone. This time it feels better. It feels like HTC managed to get it right balance and create a device which is optimized for music, social and videos, without neglecting other important characteristics we all look for in a power phone.
  5. Hey it’s HTC – let’s not forget, HTC was there long time ago, manufacturing some of the mobile classics. It’s a popular brand, people like it. People are familiar with the Sense UI, it just needed the right brand.
    ONE sounds good. It sounds like it can be this “special” model each company has, so people can remember, identify with. Something that sounds strong and familiar no matter if you are a technology savvy or a beginner. I wrote in the past that HTC created so many slightly different model no one could remember and it was a very bad decision. Having one (ONE…) solid brand will do good for HTC. 

HTC One X Mobile Spoon

So yes. I’m impressed with the One X, I even think that the One S and V are cool. I believe with those 3 new players (will be available around April) HTC will have a strong 2012 year. I must admit I certainly hope so (reason #2 probably got me too…).

Here are some pictures…

IMG_1268 IMG_1305
IMG_1307  IMG_1309



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