UNBELIEVABLE! The end of bip bip (Road Runner)


So here I am, watching some YouTube videos with my 3 years old kid.

Yes, I know this site is about mobility and not about cheesy family stuff, so let's say we were using my iPad… OK? Oh, and if you insist: Android sucks (there, got the SEO terms I needed and managed to start that old fire again… now let's get back to the story…).

So as I said, we are sitting there, watching some cartoons.

He asks for Batmen – I give him Popeye.
He asks for Spiderman – I give him Tom & Jerry
After all, if watching The Smurfs made him scared of Gargamel – I should probably soften the crap he's watching, right? Teach him some classics…

And then I see this Road Runner video.

- "You will love this one!" I say to my boy; "It's a nice bird, called bip bip, and she always run away from this nice coyote…"

He seems terrified with that crazy looking wolf… 

- "Oh, don't worry, son! He is not evil! it's just a game they play – see?
He never catches the bird, he never manages to…
what the f…?!" 

And while I'm talking, trying to convince my boy that this is just a funny cartoon, I realize that the horror we are watching is probably the last chapter of the series.

Yes. It has an end. You DO NOT want to see it.

But if you must – here it is.

(Don't say I didn't warn you, though)


Anonymous said…
quite obvious amateur edition.
And android sucks? Learn to tell a fake cartoon before talking about serious bussines! :-P
Jojo said…
Looks real to me!
Why do you think it's a fake?
Anonymous said…
Not sure... I managed to find other similar videos, but in all of them the comments say it's a fake...
Gosh, is this true? Maybe it was just a fan-made video? I used to really love this cartoon program when I was little and how I truly idolized Road Runner for not getting caught forever. :D
Anonymous said…
This is a fake video from 2009.
MJ7 said…
I also think it's a fake.
Still funny one... Loved the music :-)
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