10 Mobility Takeaways From The Mobile World Congress 2012


Mobile World Congress is over, and while there was nothing significantly new this year (except maybe Nokia’s crazy 41 MP camera), it was still amazing. Mobile race is slowing down in terms of technology, but it doesn’t slow down in all other aspects. Mobile players are now looking for ways to turn technology into value while trying to differentiate from one another.

Here are 10 takeaways that I gathered from the event.

  1. Android is the ultimate mobile OS and it will soon be running everywhere (not just mobile devices). You may not like it (I don’t) but you have to admire the phenomena  [Google Key-Notes – fascinating].
  2. The hardware is no longer a factor: they all have multiple cores, they all have great screens, good cameras, same design – the war is in the content, in creating added value [Sony, HTC]
  3. China is no longer hiding behind the big name vendors: meet Huawei and ZTE: the next big names in mobility with technology that can successfully compete with the other giants. [Huawei, ZTE]
  4. Smartphones are no longer carrying great cameras. Outstanding cameras are now carrying smartphones inside of them [Nokia PureView with 41 MP Camera]
  5. HTC One is going to be one of the biggest things in 2012 [HTC ONE]
  6. Hybrid devices are here: smartphones that turn into a tablets that turn into a laptops. Here’s a tip: don’t buy them yet. They are not ready for prime time. [Motorola Lapdock, ASUS PadFone].
  7. 3D smartphones are a bad idea… Saw it. Tried using it. I don’t like it. [LG 3D]
  8. Mini-tablets are great – the minute their price will drop and they will become more affordable – each one should have a mini-tablet as a great notebook replacement [Samsung Galaxy Note]
  9. NFC (Near Field Communication) will lead the way to new mobile innovations. You just wait and see… [NFC]
  10. Microsoft is waiting for Windows 8. They say 2012 will bring some progress to WP7. I don’t think it will happen. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s last chance.




The Mobile Spoon




Source for the first image: Image source, Other images by the mobile spoon.

Here are some posts from MWC:


MWC inferred great upgrades in the mobile world. Its obvious that the mobile audience are global citizens that just can't do away with mobile developments. Thanks for the summary on the devices that was considered for release in MWC.
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