Mobile Spoon Recommends: Amazing Breaker – A Great Addictive iPhone Game


My brother has recently switched from Android (Motorola) to an iPhone. He is much happier with his new toy (who wouldn’t be?), and now that the entire family is running iOS I finally have some reinforcement as he starts tipping me with cool apps I never heard about.

Yesterday, while we were in the middle of a family dinner, he showed us a game he used to play on his Android phone: Ceramic Destroyer, by RunnerGames. A really cool blasting game where your target is to use the bombs to explode various ceramics.

Apparently, there is no iOS version of this game, but guess what? There’s an almost identical game in the AppStore called Amazing Breaker; an awesome ice-breaking puzzle game.

Amazing Breaker is one of the best ones I’ve ever played in my 4 years of iPhone-ownership. The graphics art work is amazing, the “Aim and Shoot” style is addictive and challenging at the same time. It’s a huge fun. There’s a free version that will let you play 15 levels, but believe me, you shouldn’t waste your time on the free version. Go for the full paid version ($0.99) as this game will surely become one of your favorite ones.

Amazing-Breaker-Game-iPhone-Mobile-Spoon-iOS  Amazing-Breaker-Game-iPhone-Mobile-Spoon2  Amazing-Breaker-Game-iPhone-Mobile-Spoon4

Back to the family dinner: it was over. Once we started playing with Amazing Breaker, there was no one to talk to. We were all playing. Immediately addicted. Needless to say my wife and I had to continue our “contest” when we came back home (In fact, I suspect she is taking advantage of me investing time writing this blog post to extend her lead…).


So. Another recommendation from the mobile spoon: Amazing Breaker for iPhone. A great game. Addicting one. Check out the free version or start immediately with the full game.


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