Another secret iOS tip you may not know about…


Here’s a small iOS tip you may not know about:

Many people use their iPhone/iPad email app to manage their to-do items, send reminders to themselves, save drafts for later review and other common email usage.

As such, saving new emails as drafts is a pretty common activity. The problem is that once you left the email app (or saved the draft email) – going back to it is pretty cumbersome; you need to go back to the relevant email folder, lookup for the “drafts” folder and only them you will get into the draft you just recently created… Annoying.

Well, I cannot tell you how lucky you are for reading the mobile spoon: I recently learned that there is a shortcut to get back to your latest draft:

A long press on the “new email” button will take you directly to last draft you created.

That’s it: instead of a short click, just leave your finger pressed for 2-3 seconds and you will get back into your latest draft.

No, don’t thank me… I’m just the messenger…

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