ClickMobile: When Mobile Web Meets Enterprise Mobility

Android-iOS-joining the Enterprise

IT consumerization impacts many enterprise companies as they need to align with different kinds of requirements: a variety of devices, a growing number of users constantly connected to a growing number of back-end systems, different roles in the organizations turning to be truly “mobile”, new types of security threats, as well as growing demand for more capabilities, better usability, and streamlined productivity from everywhere.

This is a long sentence, and it expresses well the current challenges in enterprise mobility.


At ClickSoftware (where I do my real job), we build enterprise mobility solutions. The product is called ClickMobile, and in the past 2 yeas or so, we have been focusing on utilizing latest mobile web technologies (HTML5, CSS3) for creating a line of device agnostic products that can perfectly serve organizations going through those IT Consumerization processes to combine modern mobility with rock-solid enterprise needs such as security, offline capabilities, store & forward, flexibility, high scalability, and more.

ClickMobile evo2

Read more about ClickMobile in here:

ClickMobile: When Mobile Web Meets The Enterprise


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