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Mar 20, 2012

How long does it take to make an iPad? And why does my kid’s poop grow dramatically when my wife is abroad?

* 5 days, 325 people. That’s the time (and human resources) it takes to build an iPad.
* iPhone requires “only” 141 steps to be made.

* That same iPhone needs only 1 step to completely break: all you need to do is walk around with your dog, and hold both the iPhone and your dog leash with the same hand. The minute your dog sees a cat (or another dog for that matter) your iPhone is doomed. [all dogs owners know exactly what I’m talking about]

* The iPhones you are carrying are all handmade.

* It takes 2 parents, 30-40 steps, to prepare 2 kids to the kindergarten.

* Foxconn produces 300,000 iPad camera modules per day

* An average, over-excited parent takes around 20-40 boring pictures of his kids (doing trivial things actually) per day.

* My 1 year old kid produces at least 1 kilogram poop a day.

* Interesting enough, When my wife is abroad, the poop quantity is magically rising to 4-5 kilogram per a couple of hours. (and that’s despite the fact I barely feed any of my kids when my wife is away…)

* Foxconn workers work in 12 hour shifts (That’s where you should say “Oh those are horrible conditions!”, but not me…).

* I work 3 shifts per day; day shift (9:00-18:00), kids shift (18:00-20:30), then work again (21:00-24:00 and even beyond). I even have a hidden shift called blogging…

* Workers in Foxconn might build the fanciest gadget in history, but they still make $1.78 an hour…

* Well, at least they are working so many hours a day, it doesn’t leave them with enough time to spend any money.

Complete summary and a short video in here: the 'Nightline' report on Foxconn factories


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