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Mar 20, 2012

Is OS X Going to Die Soon? I say: Why Not?

Electric MacBook Air

There’s a nice article at Gizmodo called: Another Crystal Clear Sign That OS X Is Going to Die Really Soon. And as the article states, it does seem like Apple has placed iOS on top, and OS X far behind in second place, as I mentioned in my post from few weeks ago: Mac OS X (10.8) Proves That Apple's True "Lion" Is iOS.

As someone who recently got a Mac, I must say it didn’t left me impressed like iOS did 3-4 years ago when I just started using the second generation iPhone. The hardware design is impressive, but the OS itself feels old. I can even argue about the usability of some UI elements which exist all over it. And of course, as a newbie, there’s this huge gap in apps and productivity options between what I am used to from iOS and OS X

So regardless to the emotional side, which I’m sure causing many fanboys to feel bad about it – I actually think that killing OS X would make a lot of sense. iOS is amazing. iPad is amazing. The world is going there anyhow. If I were Apple I would make iOS stronger, and turn OS X to be similar to iOS (which is something Apple is already doing).

What happens when a PC user gets a Mac

So is OS X going to die real soon? I think not, but if you ask me? I say why not… Don’t think the world desperately needs OS X any longer as an alternative to Windows. The real alternatives these days (for the mass) are Android and iOS.


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