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February is over, and so is the Mobile World Congress. I’m back home, after visiting 5 amazing cities in less than 3 weeks: Paris, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, London and Petach-Tikva.

At least 4 of them left me with a deep impression, some new thoughts and opinions.
I’ve been meeting people, working, exploring mobility and more.
Here’s a short summary, hope you will find it interesting.

March 2012; what’s going on in mobility?


I’ll start with the Mobile World Congress – the biggest event I’ve ever been to. Amazing, gigantic, but not as innovative as I expected. Seems like companies are now investing in how to turn the technology into actual benefits: augmented reality apps, tablets with drawing capabilities, better sound experience, better cameras experience, private clouds, files sharing, knowledge collaboration – many things that were invented in previous years but now are becoming “combined solutions”.


I was impressed by Samsung’s new stuff, HTC One, RIM’s new BlackBerry PlayBook, Ford’s mobile vision, HTML5’s first Mobile Operating System, and others.

Here are some posts from MWC:


IMG_1379 IMG_1323

Nokia officially became the largest player in the windows phone 7 ecosystem. That’s a big achievement for Nokia or a poor one to Microsoft depends on your point of view.

Considering the short time since the release of the Lumia models, I think it’s a huge achievement for Nokia, but it’s also another indication of how tiny the Microsoft mobile ecosystem is. Windows Phone is tiny. It almost doesn’t exist. It’s almost neglected by the big players such as Samsung, HTC and LG that didn't even bother to show their Windows Phone smartphones in the Mobile World Congress (yes. As amazing as it sounds, the only places you could come across a windows phone device  were the Microsoft booth and the Nokia one. Amazingly poor for Microsoft I would say). So looking for something fascinating about WP7, I search the entire MWC area and found nothing but a few nice devices that do not really fascinate anyone anymore. Not even Microsoft…

Smartphones market eclipse cellphones for the first time in history (US only).
While eating croissant in the middle of Paris, I found that that French people prefer iPhone over Android, It’s not what I’ve seen in the MWC where 90% of the booths demonstrated using Android phones. Regardless to the endless war between iOS and Android (or maybe as a result…), 53% of the adults in the U.S. are now using smartphones. This, according to a new report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. It was a matter of time, now it has happened.

iPad 3 is almost here!

ipad-3-invite-mobilespoon TouchScreensGuide_mobilespoon

Despite the fact it did not take part (as usual) in the mobile world congress, Apple managed to create a buzz with a mysterious invitation sent last week hinting about the next big thing in tablets. Yep. iPad 3 is soon going to be revealed and rumors so far talk about the magnificent retina display and a possibility of having no home button at all.

Apple has recently reported that 25,000,000,000 apps (that’s 25 Billion apps!) were downloaded from the AppStore ever since it was released (I believe 3,000 out of which were downloaded by my iDevices…). With some amazing sales numbers, and one product (iPhone) that generates more revenue than the entire Google, and even bigger than entire Microsoft, it’s only fair to say that Apple’s next challenge is to make iPad even more dominant in the tablets market than it already is.

My guess: retina will be included without a doubt, and it might be my excuse to upgrade my first generation iPad which is becoming too slow and pixelated for my eyes...
Regarding the home button- we already saw RIM's PlayBook working fine without a home button and there are other gestures already existing in iOS 5 that will support that. I think we may actually see the first “i” device without a home button.

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Windows 8 is progressing. It even has a logo!

And speaking of tablets, windows 8 (consumer Preview) was recently released, together with a new official logo. While I haven't install it yet, I definitely intend to. Windows 8 fascinates me, it must be good, otherwise Microsoft will loose it all. Windows 8 is the biggest move Microsoft has made in the last few years, but there are no guarantees that it will succeed.

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So there’s a lot of action going on, as usual. I have tons of additional Mobile World Congress stories which I may write about in the near future, so stay tuned.

Gil Bouhnick.


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