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Mar 25, 2012

More iPad jokes, as usual…

Like any Apple product, The New iPad is getting a lot of attention, including a good amount of jokes. Here are 2 I specially like:






Seth said...

Second one is not that funny. The first one is great. There's nothing like iJokes.

Natural Ayurvedic Remedies said...

I love the joke on the second one! LOL!

John@Beginner Guitar Lessons said...

The second one was funny. My favorite was the guy with the glasses asking why they didn't call it "iPad3". Good stuff Gil.

fotograf nunta said...

Funny stuff! Thanks a lot for posting, it made me smile

Robiul said...

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Mobile Broadband Blogger said...

funny jokes! it definitely made me laugh. More iPad jokes to come!

Build iphone app said...

Funny stuff! Thanks for posting. I as well looked for build iphone app and I found this stuff. Will glance at more of you.

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