MWC: Boot To Gecko In Action. It’s Real, It’s Big, It’s Almost Here!


Few months ago I wrote about Mozilla's new web based operating system called Boot to Gecko. Yesterday, in the mobile world congress, I had a chance to see it working and talk to the developers behind this new OS. What a pure joy.

So on the positive side, the guys from Mozilla managed to build a complete mobile operating system built solely on top of JavaScript, HTML and CSS plus some kernel code. It's working. You can make phone calls, manage your contacts, send emails, text, play games, even browse the web (he he... Funny me).

It looks good. I played with it for a while and enjoyed it. I'm a fan and a big believer in HTML5 and this initiative is just another proof of the power if mobile web.

Since its all based on web technologies it is also extremely lightweight. This means that you can easily use it on a 2-3 years old Android smartphone without having performance or memory issues. It also means that as time progresses, and people store more and more content on the cloud, having a low cost device with mostly web components might not be such a bad idea.

On the negative side: it's not yet ready. If you want to put your hands on an early version of it and load it onto your android phone you need to be extremely technical, or, as one of the developers told me: you shouldn't try it unless you really know what you are doing.

So for now this is still in a work in progress mode but the future of mobile looks bright with Mozilla's web-based mobile operating system. Can't wait to have one of these running on one of my older devices.

IMG_1348 IMG_1349IMG_1350 IMG_1352 IMG_1358

Here are some short videos demonstrating some of the capabilities: remember – this is pure web technologies we are talking about:



Yair said…
I know it's only in initial stages, but WOW. To think that in 2 years I can pick up an 'old smartphone' and use it with Gecko like a brand new one is amazing.
But I think that the big manufactures will fight this. The idea that customers will not need to buy a new, stronger, smartphone every couple of years is a big threat to their income.
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