MWC: Dual-screen tablet by Sony: P-Tablet

Sony P Dual-Screen tablet has 2 screens that act like one. Of course I tried to see how a drag & drop experience feels like when you move an object from one screen to another – and to be honest, it actually works!

I like this concept although the frame in the middle of the tablet might become annoying eventually.

Here’s how the mobile spoon looks like in the P Tablet:

IMG_1367 IMG_1368IMG_1365 IMG_1366


vivek said…
this is an investment road I do not want to go down. " the Android software has been heavily customized." Remember the old WinMo devices where every OEM had their own branch of the source code? This resulted in a HUGE mess from which Microsoft couldn't recover. The end result was that as Microsoft thre money at that old platform, there was no guarantee that your device would get the update. Heck, there was no promise that the OEM would even use the new code on any new devices. That is what is happening with this Sony device. Sony is going to spend a fortune trying to keep this updated as new releases of Android come out -- they will always be behind the release cycle.