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Mar 1, 2012

MWC: Interactive Table by Intel – DJ Mix Table

DJ Table by Intel

Some more fun stuff from the Mobile World Congress (yes, I now have a huge pack of stories to write about…).

IMG_1250 IMG_1382 IMG_1271IMG_1281 IMG_1341

This one is a technology preview by Intel, it’s called “DJ Mix Table” and it is a table that reacts to objects and their movements so you can actually add sounds, remove them, change the volume, change the pitch and other cool stuff just by moving those objects around.

Here’s a short video where I try to do something useful with it, without a lot of success:

Interesting to mention that a similar concept was already introduced for iPad – check out the following video showing how Disney’s iPad friendly toys can trigger some actions in the iPad game:


DJ Table said...

I've seen this table at CES a couple of years back. It has some great potential to be a DJ table. I wonder if it's powered by that Microsoft Surface platform.

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