Should you buy the new iPad just because of the Retina Display?

retina display

I’m really an amateur when it comes to screen displays quality, resolutions, and graphics.

In fact, as someone who is wearing glasses ever since he was 4 years old, I probably have such a bad eye-sight I shouldn’t even try to write about this topic.

Yet, I’m excited about the new iPad and it’s amazing retina display almost like those 3 million people who rushed and purchased the new iPad in the first sales weekend.

(yes, 3 million people already have the new iPad. The first iPad sold 300,000 units at first weekend, second iPad sold around 1 million units at first weekend, third generation sold 3 million…).

In my opinion, the new iPad is much much better than iPad 2 due to the retina display.

I use the first iPad and every time I open it after using my iPhone for a while, I notice the pixels and the low resolution. As I said earlier, my eye-sight is far from being perfect, and yet I feel the resolution differences.

The New iPad will definitely solve that problem and present the best tablet resolution in the market.

BTW, there is a great article about the iPad screen quality in here which I really recommend reading.

Here’s a quote from it:

“So where will the 2048x1536 3.1 Mega Pixel Retina Display actually make a noticeable visual improvement over other displays? All (computer generated) text will appear much sharper, but it will make the most difference whenever there is tiny text and fine graphics, which you often see when surfing the web (like the front page of The New York Times) or in a complex spreadsheet. Then there is a tremendous visual difference between the new iPad and the iPad 2 or existing Android Tablets. You won't have to zoom in as much or switch to Landscape mode as often when reading tiny web content. Full screen high quality photographs with lots of fine detail will also stand out and take full advantage of the new iPad's High Definition screen. The larger Tablet format also makes the iPad appear visually sharper and more stunning than the much smaller (and higher ppi) iPhone 4. One final note on Retina Displays: your existing HDTV is already a Retina Display. For example, a 1080p 46 inch TV viewed from 6 feet or more and a 1080p 60 inch TV viewed from 8 feet or more (the typical TV viewing distance in the US is 9 feet) are already 20/20 Vision "Retina Displays" so don't worry about upgrading them to get Retina Display resolution and sharpness…”

Source: The Best Tablet Display: Guess Who?

So bottom line, if you ask me, the new iPad may not bring too many new capabilities but the one it does – the Retina Display is definitely something worth spending money on.

I intend to…


Many people got excited about the latest iPad. I think it works pretty well. :)
Hey Gil,

My eyesight isn't too good either but I know where you're coming from. I have the first iPad and I noticed the low resolution too. I wasn't planning on getting the 3rd one, but the retina display may change my mind. Thanks for sharing.