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Apr 1, 2012

18 tips for true happiness with your iPhone (apps and more)


I’ve noticed recently that more and more people around me (friends and colleagues) are switching from Android phones to iPhone.

Is it something about the weather? Something I said? The lack of a new killer model (besides HTC One which will be good)? So for all the new comers, here’s a short list of iPhone apps which I recommend on. (And no, you won’t find EverNote, Facebook and Twitter in here, as everyone are already using those for decades).

iPhone Games:

Woody Woodpecker Game For iOS

Amazing Breaker – A Great Addictive iPhone Game

Minigore for iPhone

Siege Hero – a free Angry Birds imitation with a twist (iPhone)

iPhone Productivity & Fun Apps:

Creating a video (“Hungry Babe”) in 5 minutes with Splice for iPhone

iPhone Free App: Beep Me – create instant reminders with minimum clicks

Photos Wall For iPhone

10000+ Wallpapers HD for iPhone

Blogger App for iPhone. Easy blogging straight from your smartphone

Free iPhone App For Body Builders: GymGoal Lite for iPhone

iPhone Tips & Guides:

10 useful iPhone tips you may or may not know about

Another secret iOS tip you may not know about…

How to push your RSS Feeds to your Notification Center using Push?

5 Ways To Make Your iPhone Notification Center A Better Productivity Tool

How to synchronize Outlook Tasks with iPhone and iPad? (Exchange Synchronization)

How to find iPhone apps that just went free (I Like FREE)

How to turn your iPhone/Android into a Walkie Talkie?

Mobile Spoon Recommends: Halftone for iPhone


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