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Apr 20, 2012

iPhone tips any iPhone beginner must learn


It seems like people are happy with the list of iPhone tips I created few weeks ago – here are some more basic ones, for the novice iPhone users out there.

How to quickly jump to the top of any list or page in any iPhone application?
It’s simple – you just click on the top bar (the one that shows the time and the cellular network) and the page will be scrolled to the top in less than a second.

How to view more than one day in your iPhone Calendar App?

How to create a new meeting in a specific time and day in just one click [iPhone]?

How to find iPhone apps that just went free (I Like FREE)

How to change the URL domain suffix in a single click?
When entering URL addresses, hold the ‘.com’ button in order to get more popular options such as ‘.net’, ‘.org’ and more. In a similar way, long clicks on some other keyboards opens additional letters.

iPhone tip press and hold to see more options
If you are using more than 2 keyboards (few languages) – a press and hold the language keyboard to see all of the used keyboards and select them in a single click.

How to store simple notes in your iPhone notification center?

How to create a folder in the iPhone docking area?

How to turn your iPhone into a Walkie Talkie?

How to delete a single text message without deleting the entire thread in iPhone messages?

Long press on special items to do more:
in many elements of the screen – long press will allow you to do more with this specific element: long press on internet images will allow you to download the image, long press on a link will allow you to copy it, see the full address, or open the link in another page, and so one.

How to create text shortcuts in iPhone keyboard?

How to jump back to your last email draft in a single click? iPhone tip

How to push RSS feeds directly to your iPhone notification center?

18 tips for true happiness with your new iPhone

How to take a screen capture of your iPhone screen?
In every app, no matter what you are doing, even when you are recording video – press simultaneously on the power button (on the top of the iPhone and the home screen and you will hear a camera sound – the iPhone will save the screen as a picture and save it in your camera roll.

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