Jango Radio is the best alternative to Pandora [iPhone, Android]

Jango Radio Mobile - iPhone app

Most people are using Pandora to listen to their favorite music, using personalized radio stations. As Pandora is not working outside of the US, I started looking for alternatives and fell in love with Jango Radio. It’s one of my most popular iPhone apps ever, and it’s free.

Jango Radio iOS App Jango - iPhone - The Mobile Spoon

Jango Radio App for iPhone:

Like any personalized radio software, Jango Radio lets you pick a channel out of a huge list of different music genres, or start by entering your favorite artist. The rest is done automatically: similar songs are proposed by the app, and you can favorite it by using the “thumb up” feature or skip it. There is also an option to look for similar artists.

You cannot download the songs, nor plan the order of the ones you marked as your favorites, but the proposals are working extremely well.

Besides listening to chill-out music and different Jazz stations, I started my own Faith No More station and Jango Radio immediately proposed Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, System of a Down, SoundGarden, Primus, Therapy, and other goodies that took me 20 years back to the early 90’s, when growing long hair and listening to Nirvana was considered a cool thing to do…

What a joy.

Jango Radio

Try out Jango Radio for iPhone (Android version also exists) – it’s a really good app.


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