Mobile Statistics for the Weekend

Weekend is here, and after eating so much food during the holiday, running after so many kids, and being cut off for so long, what’s better than checking what’s new with our boring, static, relaxing, mobile market? (yeah, no need to answer that, it wasn’t really a question…)

Android passes 50% of US market share

According to ComScore, Google’s mobile platform climbed to 50.1% of the US market share during February. ComScore is basing those findings on their mobile ads statistics.

Smartphones Market - The Mobile Spoon

According to the report, Android continues to get stronger while all the other mobile platforms except for iOS are falling behind. Apples iOS US market share now stands on 30.2%, while RIM continues its’ free falling and now reaches 13.4% (with such a fast decline rate BlackBerry is going to become irrelevant in a year from now, just like Windows Mobile and Palm experienced few years ago). Microsoft, BTW, reached a frustrating share of 3.9%, and not for Windows Phone but for both Windows Mobile and Windows Phone…

Still, Google earns more out of iOS

What a crazy world. In times where Microsoft earns more from Android than from its’ own Windows Phone, Google, is actually making 4 times more money from mobile advertising products for the Apple iOS devices than the ones running Android.
This information came from trial being carried out by Google and Oracle (Java owner).
[More in here].

So Microsoft generate more revenue out of Android than Google, or from its’ own Windows Phone, iPhone generate more revenue than entire Google, but Google has its’ back covered as it is earning more money out of iOS than its’ own Android…


Now that we have that in place… let’s go back to eating and running after kids.


lesleyanneyp said…
technology for young people and even kids my help them in everything they needs, but of course we should put limitation on everything.
Meridian Houses said…
In smart phone market, the real competition is left between iOS and Android or Apple and Samsung. With Samsung getting double profits in the first quarter of 2012, Apple is facing a real challenge from android devices of Samsung.