SpringPad will help you manage your stuff while consulting with your friends

SpringPad mobile app for iPhone, iPad

As I’m working with 2 computers, iPad, and and iPhone, I started using EverNote to kind of synchronize my 4 devices so that when I have an ongoing topic I work on, I can actually work on it from each one of my devices.

I like it. It helps keeping all of my thoughts and lists in one place. Device agnostic.

SpringPad offers an enhanced experience which still makes it possible to store ideas, thoughts, tasks, todo lists etc. but adds the social side of it, which means you can create a new note discussing a certain topic, and then share it with your friends so they can also work on it, add their own thoughts, opinions etc.

No, it’s not all of your friends: you can actually create sub-groups, filtered by the topic you want to share, so only the friends you count on will be part of your group.

Cool stuff. The mobile app is available for all popular platforms: iOS (both for iPhone and iPads), Android OS, BlackBerry and a pure web site.

Here’s a good demo video:

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This one looks interesting, I am sure a lot of people will try using it most especially it makes tasks a lot easier too.