Tablet war :Microsoft Vs. Apple

Guest Post by Claudia Somerfield:

Apple iPad

The tablet war is getting hotter. In a strategic move to overdo Apple, Microsoft came up with an action plan. The San Diego store of Microsoft opened at 7 am, an hour before the Apple store was to open. Hoards of admirers and buyers had gathered outside the Apple store to have their share of the newly launched iPad.

This move on part of Microsoft is being seen as a symbolic move to notify Apple of the coming competition.

The strategy

Microsoft set up a small counter outside the store showcasing tablets that were running Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The new iPad from apple may be having big resolution on a smaller screen but Microsoft does not seem to be worried much. In fact the decreasing strength of admirers at Apple store could be a concern for business managers at Apple. By 7:35 am, the line at Apple store had reached only 121. This is a stark reminder for Apple, a brand that had seen mad rush of thousands for the iPhone 4 in June 2010. Even iPad 2 had attracted hundreds of followers and admirers last year.

By the time the Apple store opened, the count had barely reached 130. The rush of people wanting to buy iPad was cleared in half an hour! This can be a real cause of concern for Apple as people's interest is rapidly declining in products launched by Apple.

Qualitative difference

Over the years qualitative difference has emerged in kind of people that admire Apple. In June 2007, during the original iPhone launch at Apple store in Bethesda Md. saw people from all over United States representing diversity in real sense. Most of the people at that launch were not Apple admirers but real technology lovers.

In contrast the current launch saw a minimal crowd and that too comprising of die hard Apple fans. The crowd was hysterical and did not miss any opportunity to scream at the cameras, at the first instant. Some had been waiting since the last night for the launch. This in itself is a cause of concern. Almost all of those present did not have any inclination on technological features available in the iPad, especially, with apple iPad 2 accessories but were happy to be at an Apple store.

Microsoft had strategically placed its team outside the store, one hour before the iPad was to be launched. Anyone could walk through and get to know of the features Windows 8 tablet series would be offering. This move was a gesture for Apple that competition is fast catching up and Apple need to wake up to the challenge.

This war between technology players is in fact advantageous for the consumer as they will witness a series of product launches from rival brands who wish to grab a share of the market. Meanwhile, as Apple reworks its business strategies, the real technology lover can expect much more in terms of quality. Competition is catching up and customer is the real winner.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. These days she is busy in spending her holidays on a luxury yacht.


I think Microsoft's action plan is solid. Showcasing their tablets outside the store and opening their store an hour early before the Apple store opened are two great plans of attack.

Only 130 people were line at the Apple store when it opened. I agree with you, Apple needs to wake up to the challenge before Microsoft and other competitors take all their consumers.
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