What’s behind the ClickAppStore announcement?

ClickAppStore by ClickSoftware

No. ClickSoftware’s new enterprise Application Store (ClickAppStore) will not let you download apps directly to your smartphone like you do with Apple’s AppStore or Google Play, but it will definitely help your IT organization build better mobile solutions for you and your colleagues in a quick, secure, and efficient manner without having to write code.

The ClickAppStore is designed to allow IT people, system implementers and administrators do more with their ClickMobile product by downloading and embedding business apps inside one powerful mobile foundation called ClickMobile, and run them on any popular device out there from iPhones and Android smartphones to tablets, rugged PDA’s and laptops.

ClickSoftware’s exciting announcement about the availability of the ClickAppStore, marks a new era in business mobility; built out of apps, device agnostic, modern, scalable, easy to develop and manage.

This is another step forward in the evolution of mobile technologies in the enterprise, quickly heading towards IT consumerization, adoption of modern mobile devices, knowledge collaboration, etc.

Years ago it was all a matter of low-level development tools using software languages like Java and C++. Those hardcoded, zero flexibility apps were quickly replaced with mobile platforms, providing synchronization and messaging infrastructure, allowing easier mobile development – but still requiring code.

Then came the next generations of mobile platforms, trying to accelerate the development process by providing templates, visual editors, and SDK’s, but coding was always a significant part of the game. You can ask your IT experts how long it took them to implement your current mobile solution… you might get surprised by their answer.

ClickSoftware’s mobile approach has always been zero coding: You don’t have to be a software engineer to build a working ClickMobile application, it’s all done using visual configuration tools, wizards, drag & drop style editors etc. (AKA: Mobility Studio).
Tough challenge when you work with giant organizations with highly demanding requirements, and lots of specific needs.
Yet the company has proved, more than once, that this was doable.


The ClickAppStore is yet another step forward - towards the unique “zero coding” world that ClickSoftware has invented: It allows the implementers to browse, download, and configure business apps on top of the ClickMobile platform. Each app delivers specific functionality, but the interesting part is that all of those apps are interconnected, therefore can work in synergy with each other: data can be passed from one app to another, processes and data validations can be shared, to create a streamlined experience for the field users.

So in fact, the combination of the ClickAppStore (the catalog) and the Mobility Studio (the editor for configuring the downloaded apps) not only equips your IT team with friendly configuration and management tools, but also helps them continuously enhance it, by adding more and more apps into a live environment, without upgrading, without changing the core product, without writing a single line of code, without paying for things that are not required, without getting into a risky, unknown adventure.

Here’s a fun video explaining ClickMobile and the ClickAppStore:

The potential is huge, and we at ClickSoftware, are excited about the ClickAppStore: more and more business apps are expected to be released very soon, and our enterprise customers will be able to enjoy the richness of the business capabilities that exist in the ClickAppStore.

So no, you will not be able to download apps from the ClickAppStore directly to your smartphone, but your organization will definitely be able to leverage this unique offering for creating better mobile experience for you and your colleagues.

In a world where IT consumerization, BYOD, and other market trends are quickly bringing the enterprise closer to the consumers world – the ClickAppStore can help organizations embrace those trends and turn them into productivity gains.

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lesleyanneyp said…
Cool solution for smartphones. this is great.
Vanessa Scott said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE that the Mobility Studio not only equips your IT team with friendly configuration and management tools, but also helps them continuously enhance it, by adding more and more apps into a live environment which in turn which does NOT take away space. Love this!
Anonymous said…
Looks like really good stuff.
AppStores are coming to business companies - that's good for us all.
It sounds really good that AppStores are coming to the business campaigns. It is another step forward in to the evolution of mobile technologies, adoption of modern mobile devices, knowledge collaboration, etc. As you mentioned that the potential of this application is huge so, we are so looking forward to enjoy the richness of the business capabilities that ClickAppstore consists. Thank you so much for providing all this wonderful information about this application.