10 Must Have Cydia Tweaks For iPhone

top cyida jailbreak apps on 2011

Yesterday I wrote about how J’echielue, my so called “friend”, wickedly convinced me to jailbreak my iPhone by using the dirtiest trick of showing off with some cool Cydia tweaks.

It has been around 33 hours since (not that I’m counting or something), and I’m still trying to figure out whether I did the right thing or not.

Meantime, J’echielue, continues his raging journey to tweak every piece of iOS functionality, and he came up with 10 must have Cydia apps that will tweak your iPhone and allow you to customize it end to end.

I must admit I already tried some of those tweaks – they are quite amazing.

10 Must Have Cydia Tweaks For iPhone by J’echielue:

1. NCSettings:

   Toggles system settings in notification center (and Dashboard X – see item 10 below)


2. Ipsum:
     Dismiss lock screen notifications

3. NCQuickDismiss:

    Dismiss flip down notifications


4. Appslide:

    Turns the Home button to a Back button.


5. Unfold:

     A simply AMAZING lock screen animation

Fold-to-Unlock (Unfold in action)


6. Springtomize 2:

     An ALL-in-ONE tool to customize everything about your springboard.


7. CyDelete:

    Allows uninstalling Cydia apps in the same way as stock apps (the ‘x’ button) and not through Cydia


8. iKeyWi:

       A really cool tweak that adds numbers to the default keyboard layout (how did Apple miss this feature?!)


9. GridLock:

       Allows placing your icons anywhere on the grid.


10. Dashboard X:

     Last but definitely not least, this one allows placing notification center widgets on the springboard (it’s really new and has tons of potential)


That’s it for today’s list – thanks J’echielue for sending those tips – it’s definitely a keeper.

For the iPhone newbies – here’s a more conservative list of tips to enhance your iPhone experience without jailbreaking it.


Ryan Lawrence said…
Many of these are iOS 3.01 supported tweaks. Is it working in iOS 5.0.
Gil Bouhnick said…
The ones I tried (most of them) are working well.