Apple is waiting for iPhone 5 (and so is the rest of the world)

And meantime, Android smartphones sales in the US are getting twice as big as iOS, turning iPhone 5 into a key product for Apple in the continues war against Google.

iPhone 5

So many rumors about the next generation of the iPhone, and yet, no one knows for sure whether it will have a bigger screen (current trend is to think it will have between 4 to 4.5 inch), or will we end up seeing the same screen size, which by the way, isn’t as bad as people tend to think.

While there are plenty of beautiful designs out there (if I were Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC – I would simply take those designs and try to build something similar), seems like iPhone sales, which were extremely high towards the end of 2011, start to seriously decline.

Nielsen: iOS makes 32% of smartphones sales:

According to Nielsen, iOS currently makes 32% of new smartphones sales in the US. during Q1, 2012. This comes after Apple reported amazing sales numbers for the iPhone and other iOS products in the last quarter of 2011. This means that Android keeps getting stronger every quarter:

Smartphones sales Q1 2012


NPD: Android sells twice the number of iOS in the US:

According to NPD GRoup, Android sales in the U.S. market climbed to 61% from the previous 49% recorded in Q4 2011. This is a huge jump, making Android sales twice as big as iOS in the US smartphones market.

On the flip side, iOS lost ground with a 29 percent market share, down from 41 percent during 2011's final quarter.

Android and iOS now hold 90% of all smartphone sales in the U.S. but Apple’s share got much smaller (dropping from 41% a quarter ago to 29% in Q1, 2012).


According to this report, RIM officially joins the “smartphones losers” group consisting of Microsoft and… well, all the others… (who are “all the others” actually?).

We saw this one coming: RIM’s Free Falling – Step By Step: 2008-2012.

iPhone 5 for the rescue?

Whether this is a temporary glitch, or a real trend, it seems like the world is waiting for something new form Apple. The can call it iPhone 5 or “the new iPhone” but it must have a new design, and better have a bigger screen. It will probably have some new apps as well as some new mapping capabilities. But after getting really close to Android in Q4 (49% vs. 41%) – now it seems like iOS and the iPhone desperately need something refreshing… 


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