Become a mini drummer with iDrum

iDrum for iOS

When I was a kid, I used to play the keyboards (Piano, organ, synth), then I switched to guitars (which was a very poor experience, mainly because I sucked), but the instrument I enjoyed the most was the drums.

These days, when I’m both old and our of shape, I barely touch my drums (they areused mostly as an “energy sucking tool” for my kids, but that’s about it…), but every now and then I try a drums app in one of my smartphones or tablets. They usually cannot get even close to the real experience of playing real drums, where the sticks and the leathers get together, creating a unique experience with far more possibilities than people would typically expect.

iDrum is a cool physical gadget that is designed to work with iPads (or any other iOS5 device): it has a physical drumming pad, able to withstand the most frenetic drumming – seems like a great deal of fun…

It comes with a free app, and it costs $65. Never tested it, but I figured it’s a good example of some new cool music gadgets soon to come.

Here’s a short video: